Women of Color and Accomplishment

Women of Color and Accomplishment (The 1st Book), was started as a result of my research into the BLM movement in 2020. Learning about the many Black women who have accomplished incredible things despite major obstacles, I wanted to honor those women by painting their portraits. Here are a few of the portraits painted in 2021 that are in the book. Edition two of this book was published in October, 2022.

Women of Color and Accomplishment (The 1st Book)

Chapter 2 – Civil Rights Activists. Click on their name to see their bio.

Chapter 3 – Artists

Chapter 4 – Scientists and Inventors

Chapter 5 -Mavericks

The book is available in the Marin County Free Library system in California. If you want a copy in your library system, please send me a contact person at your library and I will try to make it happen. Email me at carol@caroljacobsen.com.