Fannie Wall

Fannie Wall, 2022, Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 20 in.

Fannie Franklin Wall 1860-1944

Fannie Wall was a clubwoman, civic leader, community activist, and children’s home founder. A prominent community activist, she took part in several organizations promoting African American economic empowerment and antiracism. Wall was active in the National Association of Colored Women whose motto was ‘Lifting As We Climb’

Wall was ‘the motivating spirit’ behind the creation of the home for black children which later became the Fannie Wall Children’s Home and Day Nursery. The children’s home sought to support black working mothers and care for orphaned black children. It also offered residence for at risk youth.

The Home portion of the organization was discontinued as attitudes about the institutionalization of children in orphanages changed. In 1978 the former Fannie Wall Children’s Home became the Fannie Wall Head Start Center.  

Fannie Wall Children’s Home