Black Lives Matter

BLM triptych
BLM with Warhol

#blacklivesmatter was started with post on FaceBook by Alicia Garza to Patrisse Cullors in July 2013 as a response to the acquital of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Alicia used the phrase Black Live Matter and Patrisse responded with a hash tag of the phrase: #blacklivesmatter.

By August 2014, when Michael Brown, an black teenager was killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri, it had become a national movement.

After the murder of George Floyd, I read an article that 43% of people did not think that #blacklivesmatter was a positive movement. My response was this triptych of the three founders so I could start a dialogue with people and let them know the facts about the positive effects of the #blacklivesmatter movement.

#blacklivesmatter was started to bring awareness of racial bias and racial profiling by police of black people.

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