Mary Parrish

Mary Parrish, 1892–1972 A trained journalist, Mary Parrish chronicled her own experience of the violence during the Tulsa massacre of 1921. She fled with her young daughter, along with other survivors, who provided eyewitness accounts. From The Nation Must Awake by Mary Parrish: Mary Parrish was reading in her home when the Tulsa race massacre… Continue reading Mary Parrish

Dr. Dorothy Height

Dr. Dorothy Height, 1912 – 2010 Dr. Height was an African American civil rights and women’s rights activist. She focused on the issues of African American women, including unemployment, illiteracy, and voter awareness. Height is credited as the first leader in the civil rights movement to recognize inequality for women and African Americans as problems that should be considered as a whole. She was… Continue reading Dr. Dorothy Height

Ida Rollins

Ida Rollins  1867-1953   Ida Rollins, the first African American female dentist, became an orphan shortly after birth. Rollins’ white father, whose name is unknown, played no role in her childhood or education. After her mother’s death, Ida was raised by her aunt, Caroline Gray who was a seamstress and taught her the trade. While… Continue reading Ida Rollins