Alicia Garza

1981– Alicia Garza is an American civil rights activist and writer known for co-founding the international Black Lives Matter movement She has organized around the issues of health, student services and rights, rights for domestic workers, ending police brutality, anti-racism, and violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people of color. Her editorial writing has been… Continue reading Alicia Garza

Patrisse Cullors

1983– Patrisse Cullors is an activist and organizer who co-founded the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013. In addition to her work with BLM, she is also known for her advocacy around criminal justice reform, LGBTQ+ rights, and mental health awareness. Patrisse Cullors website Patrisse Cullors Instagram

Louise Little

Louise Little 1897?-1989 Louise Little was the mother of Malcom X. In 1917, Louise became an active member (secretary and branch recorder) of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). She met her husband, Earl Little at UNIA and married in 1919. Malcom X (born 1925) was the fourth of her seven children. Because of the Little’s… Continue reading Louise Little

Solo Art Exhibit

I had a solo art exhibit from December 14, 2022 through January 30, 2023 of my Women of Color and Accomplishment series. Marin IJ published an article about my show. Here are some photos of the Artist Reception on January 8, 2023. There are seventeen portraits in total, including these five located in the Main… Continue reading Solo Art Exhibit

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New Books Published

I published three books in October, 2022. My newest book is Women of Color and Accomplishment: Fighting for Equality. It is a continuation of my Women of Color and Accomplishment series which showcases African American women who have been forerunners in challenging the racist limits put in their path. The second edition of the first… Continue reading New Books Published

Darnella Fraizer

Darnella Frazier was 17 when she recorded George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis in 2020. She was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in Special Citations in 2021. The video played a major role in igniting a global protest movement against police violence, and was used as evidence in the trial of Floyd’s killer.