The latest show of portraits from the Women of Color and Accomplishment was a success. Here is the link to the closing talk which explains why I am motivated to paint these women (91+ portraits).

My current series, Women of Color and Accomplishment, was started as a result of my research into the BLM movement in 2020. Learning about many Black women who had done incredible things despite major obstacles, I decided to honor those women by painting their portraits.

Check out the talk I gave at the closing of my show at Community Media Center of Marin on August 31, 2023.

Although I have been painting this series since 2020, I also have some of my prior work out on loan for home staging by Visual Jill.

Here are some of my most recent works.

My most recent paintings (above) are from my third book in the series: Women of Color and Accomplishment: Doing the Right Thing. It will be published in October of 2023.

Women of Color and Accomplishment (The 1st Book) is available on online and at my studio. It contains 31 portraits and brief bios.

Women of Color and Accomplishment: Fighting for Equality was published in October, 2022 with 30 additional portraits and bios of historical Black women of achievement. This book is available online or at my studio. Here are a few of the women who are in this book.

click on link above to go to the post about each woman