I started making videos again because I wanted to record the process of painting with an elephant when I went to Thailand in 2012. I took classes at in 2013 to learn better editing skills and got hooked on the medium. To learn faster, I started doing videos of events that I went to.

I ended up at a Hoodslam event at the Oakland Metro Operahouse. I think of Hoodslam as performance art based on WWE and now am working on a documentary of these amazing performances/

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Below are some of my favorite videos.

Hoodslam Part 1 – the start of my Hoodslam documentary

Brittany Wonder – Professional Wrestler (part of my Wild-Women series)

Elephant Painting by a 3 yr old Elephant

Faith Winthrop, Jazz Singer (another in my Wild-Women series)

Artist series: Out of Order 40 Graffiti Mural artists, March 25, 2013, Santa Rosa

Painting With Elephants Northern Thailand, October, 2012