Video Storytelling

I have been consumed with learning video storytelling lately. Some of my recent and on-going projects are:

Artistic Category: Painting With Elephants, Out of Order (a one night show of Graffiti mural artists), Hoodslam (Performance art based on WWE theme) and Photo Forum (a group of 8 photographers founded by an amazing 93 yr old woman). The last two are works in progress and I will update the links as I upload new versions to YouTube. The group will also be shown on Marin TV this fall under and ‘Artists’ umbrella.

What makes an interesting video story? One I am currently trying to get permission to tape is about an 88 year old Chinese woman who was left by her husband right before the Bamboo Curtain went down in China. She had to leave her 3 boys behind and immigrate to the US. The back story of the effects of communism on individual lives is as interesting to me as the story of anger (and hopefully forgiveness) from the children (now adults) left behind and the efforts to get them to the US.